Welcome! My name is Kimberly Von Slomski and I am excited to tell you a little about my background and show you what I can do for you and your family as your postpartum doula or Newborn Care Specialist. Newborn care and supporting new mothers are truly passions of mine. I believe in bringing ‘the village’ back to the new mother, incorporating physical and emotional support, sibling transition, and specific family-based care to the home. I understand that every home is different, and I am open-minded in order to provide the support you and your family need based on your desires for your growing family. I will listen to your concerns and assist you by supporting your ideas of what the ideal foundation is for you and your baby.  I strive to create a harmonious, peaceful environment in your home. By the time I leave, you will feel empowered to be an amazing parent and will feel completely confident with your skills.

About Me

About Me

I grew up in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA with my mom, dad, two sisters, and many pets. My sisters and I are close in age, so that made for a fun and busy childhood! We are all still very close to this day. I began babysitting when I was 12 years old for all the neighborhood kids. I absolutely loved working (playing!) with children, and it became a regular weekend activity for me. I continued babysitting through high school and started working weekend/summer nanny jobs when I attended UCLA. I also co-taught a class of two-year-olds for a year, which I loved! My life took an interesting turn when I was offered a full-time nanny position as soon as I graduated from UCLA. I worked with that family for over five years and quickly realized that my passion for working with babies and children would carry on throughout my life. After experiencing various nanny positions with newborns, I recognized that I wanted to continue to support the harmonious relationship between a newborn and his or her mama. I am ecstatic that my passion for nurturing babies and new mothers has become my career as a postpartum doula and Newborn Care Specialist!

"Kimberly handled the work of 3 people with a smile on her face and a happy, positive demeanor."

− G.V. from Santa Monica, CA

" I definitely plan on using Kimberly’s services for baby #2 due in August!"

− Z.C. Mom of J.C.
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